You can heal your life, what a concept eh?

Literally, there is a book about this concept and how you have total control over your body, especially when you listen to what it is trying to tell you. Louise Hay explains it beautifully here and the list at the very back is always a good quick reflection on what might be going on for you, under the surface, no pun intended. Feed it well and watch it sustain you and grow you. Trash it with negative thoughts, greed, scapegoating and criticism or hatred and sit back and watch what happens to it.

I came across this book when gout hit me at the beautiful age of 25. I was angry that I had moved back to Canada, after living 2 incredible years in San Francisco. I took out a loan just so I could get a visa and go back to the USA, when that didn’t work, GOUT hit me. Something I don’t wish on my worst enemy, honestly, giving birth was easier. Now look up GOUT and see what it means right here. Coincidence? Nope, that was it, I was convinced and have been referring to the book for the last 13 years. I couldn’t dominate my destiny. I felt like I wasted 2 years back home in Canada and I wanted to be back in San Francisco ASAP. I cursed the universe. Then, over time, I did what I teach in lesson 3, changed my beliefs and thoughts, practiced immense gratitude for every injection and pain killer and focused on everything I had not what I lacked and of course, I adjusted my diet and forgave everyone that I thought was to blame and life moved on. Gout never went away and has since been the little indicator that tells me I need to remember to eat better and relax.