Valentine’s day is around the corner…

Valentine’s day is around the corner and in my life, there are many birthdays to celebrate this month and things to be thankful for; but I want to focus this article on self-care and the importance of it, not just for this month, but for every single week from this day forward.

Take a moment to focus on yourself. Go to the mirror and JUST stare at yourself, your entire face, your eyes, for 5 minutes, set that timer and go! What happened? Was it a good or positive or uneventful experience? Can you write down all the things that you thought of?

I want you to spend some time reflecting on how much you really love yourself and how would I see that, just by looking at you. During the 4 years, I did home makeovers, I realized that every single mom has put herself on the back burner! Moms walk around like zombies with our messy buns and faded leggings and smile as hard as possible, on the brink of breaking down in tears. Your homes are a mess, your sex drive is diminishing, your kids aren’t listening, your physical and mental health is deteriorating and it can truly only be rooted in SELF CARE. Honestly! Your health and beauty come from your self-care. You’ve heard this a thousand times, but I’ll write it here, once more, only you can take care of you, mommy. I’m here to remind you of that and show you how incredibly powerful it can be when you truly care for yourself.

Ask yourself the following questions.

* On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love your body TODAY?

* How often do you get your nails or hair done?

* How often do you buy yourself clothes that you LOVE wearing?

* When was the last time you bought yourself flowers?

* How many massages (not a physio session or injury-related) have you had in the last 6 months?

* How many bubble baths or long hot showers have you had this past month?

* How many times a month do you do something enjoyable for yourself, besides have coffee or meet a girlfriend?

* How many times a week do you take care of yourself, down there?

* How often do you voluntarily please your partner because YOU feel sexy?

* Do you enjoy compliments when they came your way?

* When is the last time someone admired you (kids and hubby don’t count here)?

I’m being deadly serious here! These questions are meant to be answered and they are meant to get you thinking about other questions you should be asking yourself when it comes to self-care. Take this article as a reason to think about:

– pleasure – beauty – sex – self-confidence -self-esteem

Remember, that younger version of you, before you became a mom? That va va voom you had when you first started dating your husband or that sexy guy back in the day and would spend hours in front of the mirror trying to look your best? Those days of feeling fantastic are meant to be a part of your ENTIRE life. You can upgrade your health, your relationships, and your life EXPONENTIALLY, just by focusing on self-image and that is precisely why “self-image” is one of the topics I coach and why many moms start their coaching journey with this module.

Start thinking about self-care, start feeling sexy AND beautiful (yup, you heard me, those exact 2 words), and acting confident, do it for yourself but also for your kids and your life. You will see soon see how everyone will take notice and treat you differently, how productive you become, how happier you are. If you want different results, you need to start with implementing them for yourself. Take that goddamn oxygen mask that is hanging in front of you in this article and put it on your face. Breathe deeply! Re-start your life being the woman you were created to be and I promise you, life will deliver beauty to your doorstep, your relationships, your home, your bank account, your closet, and your face. You, mommy, are designed and created to take care of everything and everyone and you are damn good at it. So pat yourself on the back for that, hey, sip a glass of wine in celebration and congratulate yourself on how much shit you got done, every single evening! Gratitude for yourself is a lost art, so rekindle that flame! Only you know how much you’ve really done and how much time, effort, and stress it has sucked out of your soul and only you know how many cups of self-care you need to refuel.

No more excuses, no more blaming your husband or kids or money or whatever, no more self-pity. Get out there and work your beauty every single day, exude it from the inside out and the world is your oyster from that point forward, promise!

If you need help with your self-image, you can start your coaching experience from lesson 6-self-image. A powerful place to start your “rags to riches” story!

Sending you willpower, tears, hug, love and sexiness, and remember your children are taking notes on self-care, just by watching how you do this for yourself;)