If you haven’t started your goal or finished what you started…

If you haven’t started your goal or finished what you started, there’s no time like the beginning of spring to get back into the swing of things! People start venturing outdoors more, start buying more, start doing more, start giving more. This is the time to create events, go live, upgrade your Facebook ad budget, invest in yourself and your businesses, ask for a promotion, etc., etc. The possibilities are endless!

Start with a goal that scares you a little bit and then go for it, jump, take the risk! There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you are worried about losing advertising money or giving away money then it probably means you’re living paycheque to paycheque, have a bit or a big-spending problem, and aren’t making enough, it also means you have limiting thoughts about money and not a very healthy mindset when it comes to money. How do I know this? This was me!! I knew I had to get out of the vicious cycle and believe I deserved money. I had to like money. I had to believe I was lucky in money. It took YEARS for me to get off the spending addiction and being in the red and it’s not until last year, when COVID hit, that I said, ENOUGH! I was so very exhausted of making excuses for myself, of feeling defeated and depressed because I never had enough money, of trying to figure out what my money blocks were, of wasting time watching inspirational entrepreneurs tell me I can win the lottery and make tons of money online. It was time to invest in myself, take risks in my businesses, and go for it 1000%. I took a leap, hired a personal coach, reprogrammed my brain/mindset, unblocked my ugly money block dating back to 1986, invested more than I was happy to invest, and leaped forward into what I really really wanted to do, ever since I became a mom in 2015, be a stay at home living the laptop lifestyle.

I started advertising like crazy, hired amazing marketers, and life took off and so did my bank account. They say money makes money and it is definitely true! Once you make more than you ever thought you could make, things seem easier, risks seem less risky and your motivation and mindset get turned up a few notches, then you start working smarter not harder, you spend time on yourself because you have the time and money to do so, you start getting more ideas, more techniques, more resources, and you are living on frequencies much closer to that dream life of yours. You radiate femininity, peace, energy, creation, motherhood, confidence, everything you were supposed to be, all because you have money coming into your life!

Rinse and repeat until you have it memorized and you actually believe what you are saying and are feeling the meaning behind your affirmations: money is good. Money makes my world go around. Money is a reward for my talents, passions, goods and services. Money loves me and I love money. Money helps me do more, learn more, give more, and live my life to the fullest. I deserve money. Money comes to me from everywhere and everyone. I am getting money every day, so I can change my family’s legacy. I allow money into my life so I can provide an incredible life for my children.

Look around and see how many people are working from home and have more time to do what they love doing, a year after the pandemic. Ask yourself, why are there so many people in COSTCO, at the mall, on a Wednesday morning? Why are there hundreds of skincare products on the shelves? Why are there more TESLAs on the road? Why is everyone online and still making money? It’s very simple, there is more money in the world, there are more opportunities all around you and there is no better time than the present to share your passion and your talents with the rest of the world. We are lucky to live in such an incredible booming economy, no matter where you are. This is the type of thinking that needs to BE a part of your mindset and your thinking EVERY SINGLE DAY. Then and only then will life or God (whichever you believe in, or both) shower you with abundance and fortunes. So, if you are struggling and trading time for money, it is time to yell stop in the mirror and take 15 minutes of silence to close your eyes, visualize your dream day and then go after it until you achieve it!