There are a lot of resources and people helping people today

There are a lot of resources and people helping people today, that you cannot afford to try and figure out things yourself. If you want fast results you need experts working for you. Take yourself seriously by delegating tasks to experts in the field. This saves you time, stress, and helps you look professional, which allows you to attract clients and good clients. You should be focusing on yourself, investing in yourself, and what makes you incredible. Focus on providing exceptional customer service and good quality products, delegate the rest. Remember money spent on resources, marketers, organizers, gym instructors, course writers is money well spent that will come back to you, do not think this is money wasted, we all know where that type of thinking leads to, right?

I see this all the time with my clients. They have great ideas, great solutions to problems, huge passion, and drive, and then they STOP because they fear investing in themselves and their offers. Why? If you don’t invest in others to help you, then you will just waste more time and money-spinning round and round, living paycheque to paycheque and growing then stopping. If you want to live on a higher frequency, you have to give money, in order to receive it. Money is a simple transaction. Do your research and then give it generously and receive it graciously. The rest will work itself out, you must trust that process and you must fully believe you are climbing the ladder.

It’s like investing, you store it away every single month, year after year, for the rest of your life and reap the rewards when you are well and truly old and grey and can no longer work.

The same goes for your health, your mindset, your parenting, your lifestyle, your mortgage, give and pay with gratitude and you shall receive reap beautiful rewards that fuel you to give again, to grow, to prosper, to live fully. Simple law of attraction.

Now, stop spending on Amazon and watching Netflix and start investing in your mind and your businesses.