I love birthdays! Birthdays are like New Years’ Eve for me, it’s a day that fills me with extra energy and faith and motivation! It’s a time to look back on what I did in the last 365 days and how far I’ve come in my accomplishments and where I can improve on. It’s also a day that is filled with surprises, gifts, and celebrating and giving thanks for everything I have. In recent years, it’s also about learning to receive happily and without politely saying you shouldn’t have. This is another thing I teach in my coaching program, helping women say yes and thank you and learning to accept what they receive in their life, not give to everyone but yourself.

This year I’m celebrating the completion of a long overdue goal, finishing my bachelor’s degree. I am also super grateful for everything I learned and for the people I met along the way and the CYC family I have, whenever I need them. I am beyond grateful for the abundance that has finally come into my life, how all my hard work has paid off. Today, I take stock and let it sink in, so I can truly appreciate what I have and smoothly transition into the next year, filled with helping more moms around the world, spending my evenings with my daughter and partner in crime and giving back to my friends and community.

How do you celebrate birthdays? Can you think back to how you transition between chapters in your life? Do you take time to accept what the universe gives you? Are you ready for the rest of 2021 and what it will bring?
Happy birthday to you! Happy you day, momma!