Time to Reap the Rewards

I once read autumn is a time to reap what you have sown throughout the year. Looking back it was definitely not a time to reap my rewards, it was a time of spending frivolously on Halloween, thanksgiving, and of course, Christmas, followed by wanting to spoil my daughter on her birthday. I spent, spent, and spent when I didn’t have anything to spend! So, I reprogrammed myself to enjoy what I had and reaped what harvest came to me, family gatherings, autumn leaves, and beautiful holiday moments. Then in winter I hibernated and wrote and learned and read and by spring break I was launching promos, courses, specials left to right and center so that I could finally reap what I had sown in the following autumn. You too can reap what you sow but you must first cut up all the credit cards, get out of debt, and make gratitude and forgiveness a part of your daily bread.

If you are ready to reap every autumn and live some incredible holidays by changing your habits and taking a hold of your budget, it’s time to click on that coaching program and get ready to plant some seeds for a new and bright future!