About this Mommy

Mommy Mastery was born when I became a mom and realized I didn’t want to leave my gorgeous baby girl to go back to work. I spent some time dreaming and learning about online businesses and entrepreneurs and mompreneurs and Mommy Mastery was born. I wanted to help other moms stay at home with their babies if they so chose to but I also wanted other moms to know they can get out of the rat race, the 9 to 5, and turn their dreams into reality. During my time at home with my girl, I also decided to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Youth Care, which allowed me to really understand my little one and children in general. I dove deep into child development and brain development and was blown away by what I learned. I couldn’t believe that moms weren’t equipped with this knowledge, knowledge that is crucial to raising healthy children. At that time I also ran a home makeover business in my free time, which is still a success here in the Fraser Valley. After meeting over a hundred moms, I realised that my talent for organization could be combined with my passion and compassion for helping moms along with my knowledge of mental health, trauma, working with individuals, families, and groups, along with mindfulness and relational case planning. As a result, your coaching program goes above and beyond what a standard mentorship program offers, online these days. Each program is a blend of my personal experiences as a mother, the lessons that transformed my life as a mentored entrepreneur, my knowledge as a Child and Youth expert and so much more! As a visitor here, you are not only a part of a fantastic community of moms from around the world who share the same heart but you also have the opportunity to change your life for the better, beyond your wildest dreams, like I have.

I look forward to helping you with your goals and mastering your journey through motherhood and into the life of your dreams.

With gratitude,